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About Delos Immobilien

According to the Greek myth …

… Leto was in great distress when she wished to present the two children of her lover Zeus. Constantly persecuted by the jealous Hera, and thus stopped from the feud, she finally found a single place of safe refuge: Delos.

Despite all the hurdles, the floating island was thus not only the birthplace of the deities of Artemis and Apollo but also the leitmotiv of our real estate business – because if you are looking, we are there for you!

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Srian Schuani, Delos Immobilien


Through my business studies, I have also accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the field of professional marketing, legal regulations, contract management and profitable calculation, which together bring us success.


In addition to these extensive experiences, you can profit from my excellent market knowledge beyond Bielefeld’s borders, since I have been living and working in this beautiful city since my childhood.

The professional foundation and the understanding of quality and a service-oriented service has already been laid in my family, which has been commercially successful for decades.


With reliability, seriousness and commitment, I am happy to help you with my partners – experienced and successful architects, lawyers and construction companies. Of course, your inquiry will be treated confidentially and answered within the next few hours. I am looking forward to your message or your call!

Feel free to contact us.

Our services

We are here for you

Trust in finding your anchor on a specialist for leasing and selling real estate. This task requires not only a well-thought out strategy that is tailored to your needs, but also profound expertise, which I can demonstrate as a trained and experienced broker.

  • Advice before buying or renting
  • Assessment and pricing
  • Object acquisition and creation of a meaningful exposé
  • Attitude in the Internet portals and the domestic media
  • Compilation of object documents

More of our services

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When it comes to the following services, Delos Immobilien is also your contact:

  • Professional visits – single visits only
  • Creditworthiness check of the interested parties
  • Creation of the rental agreement / notary agreement (notary)
  • Mediation of regional craftsmen and architects
  • Financing advice
  • Cooperation with local banks
  • Own purchase of land and residential buildings
  • No legal or tax advice

Feel free to contact us.


Delos Immobilien

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